Worry Watch

Anxiety Journal

Introducing Worry Watch

Amazing features to help you remind, reflect and realize!


Write down what is bothering you in which area of your life


Set a reminder to track whether the outcome was as bad as you worried


View the patterns and trends in your anxiety visually with the help of charts

Worry Watch - Anxiety Journal


Search and retrieve your entries quickly using advance filters


Customize context names and start day of week


Set a passcode to protect your journal from the prying eyes

Why Journal?

Journaling may help

  • Deal with the worries at a dedicated place and time
  • Free up a little head space
  • Be conscious of your thoughts and it's patterns
  • Release your emotions in a safe manner
Why Journal your worries
Advantages of Digital Journal

Why a digital journal?

  • Searchable entries
  • Privacy from prying eyes
  • Easily Portable
  • Visual Statistics

How statistics may help?

Statistics may help spot underlying worry patterns or trends. Such an awareness may help challenge your worry perceptions and subsequently may help change your future thoughts in a positive way.

  • Is you worry worsening or getting better in the past one year?
  • Are you more stressed during tax, holidays, winter season?
  • Is it weekday work blues or weekend social pressure pulling you down?
  • What percentage of your worries turned out as bad as you worried?
  • Find out which is taking a toll - Health, Finance, Career, Family, Social
Anxiety Patterns and Trends

An Anxiety Journal

Clean interface to jot down your anxious thoughts in a quick and easy way


Provide a short description of the worry. Title is searchable.


Provide when is it started or going to end. Entries are sorted by date.


Is it about Health, Finance, Career, Social, Family or Other.


Did it turn out to be as bad as you worried in the first place?


If you are not past the worry yet, set a reminder to log outcome later.


Write down in detail - your thoughts, emotions, actions and response.

Watch it in action

  • Log
  • Track
  • Analyze
  • Realize


Awarded 3 consecutive years as one of the best anxiety apps by Healthline.com
Named a top anxiety app of 2015 by healthline.com
2016 winners best anxiety apps by healthline.com
Best Anxiety Apps 2017 by healthline.com

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