Please scroll down and read all of this privacy policy before using the ‘Worry Watch’ application or the ‘’ website.

This privacy policy describes the information collected, stored, transmitted, used, disclosed by ‘Worry Watch’ application (hereinafter referred to as ‘Worry Watch App’) and it’s accompanying website ‘’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Worry Watch Website’) created by Akilan Rajendran (hereinafter referred to as ‘App Provider’).


By installing or using the Worry Watch App you agree to be bounded by the terms of this privacy policy notice permitting 'Worry Watch App' to process data provided by you on the legal basis of consent. If you do not agree to the terms of this privacy policy, do not use the Worry Watch App and uninstall the Worry Watch App from any devices on which it is installed.

Data collection / usage / storage / transmission / disclosure

Worry Watch App offers a journaling program to capture your worrisome thoughts and generate charts based on the data entered for your analysis. All the data you entered are stored by default only in the device. If you have locked the device using a passcode, the app data is protected using the protection level 'NSFileProtectionComplete' offered by Apple and data is accessible only by you upon you unlocking the device. The App Provider does NOT have access to your app data. Worry Watch App does not transmit data to any server other than Apple’s iCloud. If you wish, Worry Watch App offers the data to be backed up in Apple’s iCloud under your iCloud account with the purpose of restoring it later in any of your iOS devices operating under the same iCloud account. If you wish, the Worry Watch App offers to protect your Worry Watch App using a 4-digit passcode that you provide in Worry Watch App’s settings. If you do set up a passcode for Worry Watch App, that passcode is stored in your device’s keychain and accessed by the Worry Watch App to authenticate and allow access to the Worry Watch App. If you forget your passcode, it cannot be reset.

Worry Watch App may collect non-personal information such as your mobile device type, device identifier, operating system, language preferences and time zone to determine the Worry Watch App program logic and to improve the Worry Watch App. It does NOT collect the precise location information of your mobile device.

If you choose to contact the App Provider for the application support, you can do so via email either from your device or at Worry Watch Website. Please do NOT enter any sensitive or personally identifiable information in the email message and the App Provider assumes NO responsibility for the information provided in the email message. Your email message will be stored in a third party hosting email server and used to respond to your enquiry, fulfill your request, provide the necessary application support and service, to keep you posted about the app updates or to send you newsletters about App Provider’s upcoming apps. If you do not want to receive any communication from the App Provider you can unsubscribe by sending an email to App Provider with subject as UNSUBSCRIBE. If you do not want the App Provider to keep a copy of your email message you can send an email to App Provider with subject as DELETE. Your email and message will not be disclosed to any third parties unless required by law enforcement or government, or if it is necessary to protect the App Provider’s rights, or if ownership of Worry Watch App changed, or for other legal reasons.

Right to erasure (Right to be forgotten)

Worry Watch App retains all the data provided by you in the device and in the iCloud for as long you have the Worry Watch App installed.

To opt out of the Worry Watch App data from being stored in iCloud, go to Device Settings > iCloud > Disallow the Worry Watch App from storing data in iCloud.

To delete the data in iCloud, go to Worry Watch app's settings > iCloud > Delete data in iCloud.

To delete the data in device, go to Worry Watch app's settings > Data > Delete data.

Right to data portability

Worry Watch App offers the data entered by you to be exported as both human readable and machine readable formats such as text file, comma separated values (tabular / spreadsheet) file or a pdf file. To export, go to Worry Watch App Settings > Data and tap on the desired file format to export. App Provider assumes no responsibility for the use, storage, transmission or disclosure of the files exported by you.

Third Party Services

Worry Watch App participates in Apple’s ‘App Analytics’ platform to understand the application usage, user engagement and to diagnose crash data with the ultimate aim of improving the Worry Watch App. Please refer Apple’s privacy policy for the same:

Worry Watch Website and emails are hosted by a third party server 1And1. Please refer 1And1’s privacy policy for the same:

Worry Watch Website uses Google Analytics platform to understand website usage, user engagement and to improve the website. Please refer Google’s privacy policy for the same:

Worry Watch Website may use cookies, web beacons, logs and other industry standard technologies to understand how the website is being used and to improve the website.

Worry Watch Website may contain links to other websites. App Provider has no control over and assumes no responsibility for the privacy policies, practices or content of these third party sites or services. App Provider strongly advises you to read the terms and conditions and privacy policies of any third party websites or services that you visit or use.

Under 18

Worry Watch App / Website does NOT know the age of the individual using it. Individual under the age of 18 may use the Worry Watch App / Website only with the involvement and consent of their parent or legal guardian. The parent or guardian must contact the App Provider in the event if an individual under 18 has provided any personal information through the email message so that email can be deleted.


You may contact the App Provider via email:

From your device, go to Worry Watch App's settings and tap on 'Question' to compose an email message

From Worry Watch Website, scroll down to contact form, provide your email & message and click submit

Changes to this Privacy Policy

App Provider may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time and the revised version will be posted in the website on this page along with the last revised date information.

This Privacy Policy was last revised on October 08, 2018